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Anqing Machine Tool Co., Ltd. of Anqing City Federation of trade unions "workers vanguard title



Anqing Machine Tool Co., Ltd manufacturing department is excellent team of young, unity and hard work, dare to fight tough. The company is in charge of the leadership under the leadership of the Department staff to theblacksmith needs its own hardware as a motto, "management, security, skills training, improve the quality, quality" for the purpose, to complete the production tasks assigned by the company in a timely manner, strengthen self construction and internal management, to ensure product quality and safety production without accident. Give full play to the strength of the team, will be active to unfavorable factors into effective power, mutual support, mutual assistance, overcome all difficulties, complete ZG32--5, ZG32--8 high speed steel ball cold heading machine,3MW4680D machine for grinding steel ball and other new product trial production and probation, access to the user and group company leaders praise. 2014 by the Anqing Municipal Federation of trade unions, named"workers vanguard Award" title.