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Industry information

Anqing machine tool company "new product of ZG32-8 high-speed steel ball cold heading machine&q


In October 18, 2013, by the Anhui Provincial Commission by letter of the Anqing Machine Tool Co., hosted by thenew product ZG32-8 high-speed steel ball cold heading machine "appraisal meeting held. Identification of the Committee of experts composed by Zhou Yu, Lu Gang, Zhang Yongqian, Liu Mingzhou, Huang Xinmin, Feng Wandong, Dong Jiadong and other domestic industry renowned experts and scholars conducted on-sitedemonstration and characterization of ZG32-8 high-speed steel ball cold heading machine. Province, City Commission by letter of the leadership, Anhui Deli Group Chairman Wu Zuoqing and other relevant responsible person of the enterprise to participate in the appraisal. The meeting also invited the customer representatives attended.

Appraisal meeting, the experts listened to the work report of enterprise development, to inspect the product andthe production site, the review of the relevant technical data. Discussion the question, experts say: the company provides identification information is complete, standardized, met the requirements of identification; products with advanced drive system and control system, design selection of ball device, pneumatic pump lubrication, new copper alloy sliding bearing, closed double protective cover of innovation, innovative, guarantee the machine running stability and reliability, improve the service life of ball billet; rate of high precision, high production, energy saving and environmental protection features such as production efficiency and material utilization, the leading domestic level, can replace imported products; the use of main quality index of cold heading steel ball ball billet is similar to the machine tool manufacturing foreign products level. To meet the demands of users, the market prospect is broad, with good economic and social benefits.

Through the identification of new products for the company independent research and development, production has been achieved. The development of new products in the "ZG32-8 high-speed steel ball cold heading machine" success, enrich the company's product structure, but also will become the company's new businessgrowth point, provide strong support for the realization of stable and rapid economic development.