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Bearing rolling

Horizontal steel ball grinding machine


The machine features /Machine features

Using 3MW4680A/3M4690 series machine horizontal spindle, closed frame type connecting beam structure, fixed eccentric compression. Improve the structure rigidity and precision of the machine tool maintenance. The machine adopts external adjustable tilting tray automatic feeding, andsmooth circulation, improve the machining precision ball. The grinding wheel dressing technology ofhydraulic automatic, automatic wheel dressing work surface, the grinding wheel groove depth is always in the best condition, ensure the quality and efficiency of machining of steel balls. The machine adopts multiple protection device: the machine interlock protection, tray and tray scorecut-off protection manual stepless speed regulation and other measures, to ensure the safety of equipment. The main transmission with three speed motor and AC variable frequency speed regulation two kinds of speed control mode for the user to choose. Tray with AC variable frequency speed regulation; wide speed range, is convenient, intuitive, can make the steel ball to get the bestsurface roughness and precision.

3M7670/3M7680/3M7690 series machine main characteristics:

- the machine adopts horizontal spindle rotating disc, double cylinder pressure.

The machine body is a L type structure, box to move on the linear guide rail, the rigidity of the machine tool.

The host, disk drive adopts frequency converter and PLC control, to achieve stepless speed regulation.

- automatic tracking technology of grinding wheel dressing, hydraulic, mechanical two ways for the user to choose.

L with flat plate loop automatic feeding structure, smooth import ball.