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Bearing rolling

Horizontal steel ball polishing machine


The machine features /Machine features

Steel ball grinding machine host into closed frame type and open type mechanism, the side inclined plate, pressure and rotating disk compression two series uses a fixed disk.According to the machining of ball diameter is different, can choose 3M7980/3MW4980/3M7990 models. Steel ball grinding machine body adopts special processing machine tool castings, the resonance of small, rigid; high efficiencymachining steel ball, low noise, good shock resistance; use a remote pressure regulating valve control hydraulic loading system, which can realize remote pressure regulator with eccentric loading; and the spring buffer device; adopting stepless speed regulation system of frequency conversion feeding disk. Suitable for machining steel ball diameter 3mm-76.2mm. It is ideal equipment for bearing steel ball factory isprofessional factory and rough machining of large quantities of steel ball billet.