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Piston ring processing

AQ030 Piston Ring Honing Machine


The machine features /Machine features

The piston ring honing machine is widely used in hard chromium plating layer of hard chromium platinglayer with high wear resistance, combined with the properties of strength and goodgood. But in the heat load generator may destroy oil film between piston ring andcylinder, the hard chrome plated piston ring is easy to produce welding wear, cylinderengine is produced in the run in period. In order to make the hard chrome plated piston ring can work normally under high load, so the processing of non-circular piston ringmust be simulated engine working state of honing, which not only can greatly shorten the running time, but also enhance the hard chromium piston ring wear anti penetrationability. AQ - 030 piston ring honing machine improvement and design principle of the comprehensive advantages of the existing domestic similar equipment based on theshortcomings, so it can meet the requirements of the ideal technology.

AQ 030 cylinder honing machine used in piston ring of nominal diameter of 30 ~ 135 ofhard chrome plated piston ring, barrel shaped plane honing. Crank and connecting rod mechanism drives the sliding block is arranged on the structure of honing shaftmechanical reciprocating motion of honing stroke, on point accurately, to maximize the use of honing, improve the production efficiency. The spindle by the main motor through a belt wheel deceleration, drives the rotation of the turntable, honing set through the Y100L - 6 type asynchronous motor, synchronous belt and gear deputy drive rotation,the motor stepless speed regulation by frequency, so as to realize the stepless speed regulation of the honing wheel, shaft mechanical reciprocating motion and rotary motionof honing set in the best matching state, improve the piston ring honing quality and production efficiency, enable enterprises to achieve better economic benefit.

Honing solution using hierarchical automatic feeding, but also improve the quality of the piston ring. This machine fast sliding reciprocating motion and rotary motion usingindependent transmission system, provides the premise for the rough honingtransformation.