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Metallurgical testing

Metallurgical Inspection Sampling Processing Lathe


The machine features /Machine features

The machine adopts imported AC high degree of automation, the servo control system of hydraulic clamping, spindle motor, cutting, lubrication and cooling can realize dynamic and automatic cycle.With emergency stop function.

The tool wear is small, low production cost, high productivity, reduces the labor intensity of workers.

The machine is of low noise, keep the environment clean, improve labor safety.

- manual and automatic operation, automatic lubrication, automatic cooling, automatic chip removal,the whole process can be automatic cycle.

CRT showed that XYZ axis feed rate, feed rate, error alarm code.

We all have short circuit and overload protection of motor, spindle motor and servo motor is arranged under pressure and open phase protection. The XYZ axis is set over range protection.Workpiece clamping pressure protection, when the pressure is lower than the set value, the machine can not start.

The main purpose and scope: the machine is mainly used to sample processing equipment fortensile properties of metallic materials test plate of rolling mill. Applicable to ordinary carbon steel,low alloy steel, alloy structural steel, hardened steel (HRC = 48), sample machining stainless steel.

The machine adopts Siemens SINURIK 802D AC servo control system, hydraulic clamping, variable speed, screw automatic chip removal, the XK3628 numerical control milling machine tool feeddevice of double sides A, B two knife, semi automatic tool change, except for loading, unloading,can realize the dynamic and automatic cycle. The machine speed range wide, high positioning accuracy, convenient operation, is ideal equipment for plate tensile sample machining.