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Metallurgical testing

Numerical Control Milling/Grinding Machine


The machine features /Machine features

XMK3530 series CNC milling machine is a special equipment for my company to designa kind of metallurgical industry billet manufacturing macro low times, sulfur print test sample processing. The machine adopts Siemens CNC system as the control unit, the system with high precision and good reliability, with perfect protection function, high degree of automation, technical scheme of machine tool by using the plane milling ofintegration, a key to complete the milling and grinding, high strength based design andreliable transmission. The machine can adapt to the harsh conditions of the processing(machine adopts air cooling), head of elastic structure unique, the soft grinding(abrasive belt grinding of grinding force in the process of balance), can effectively improve the quality of grinding. Processing range: stainless steel AIS1200, AIS1300,AIS1400 series of oil pipeline steel, shipbuilding, steel, steel, steel, high strength steel,container steel.