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The innovation of science and technology industry leader


The innovation of science and technology industry leader

- ahead of Anqing Machine Tool Company Limited

      This ancient Anhui culture permeated with the simplicity and thick, it carries the mission and responsibility of the revitalization of the national industry, there is China rolling industry an important manufacturing base, heregathered a group of love of machinery, innovation as the endeavour, here is the Anqing Machine Tool Co., ltd..

     Anqing Machine Tool Co., the predecessor of Anqing machine tool factory, established in 1955, is the earlyestablishment of the birth of a new national industrial enterprises in the China, is committed to a specializedbody rolling processing equipment and testing equipment in metallurgy manufacturing precision bearings, asthe national machinery industry key enterprises, made an important contribution to the development of the national economy development in the new China.

     More than 50 years, after the baptism of wind and rain, Anqing machine tool has been to product quality wins,dominate the market place. But in the face of the reform of state-owned enterprises, the new market environment, presents the management system is not smooth, and many other state-owned enterprisesproblems of weak sales. In 2007, top 100 private enterprises in Anhui province of British Deli Group wholly-owned acquisitions, restructuring of Anqing machine tool factory, established the "Anqing Machine Tool Co.,Ltd.", has injected a fresh blood into the old factory. "The old factory facelift, innovation and development",which the company machinery standardization, systematization, general, industrial development has laid a solid foundation.

The company after the reform, a series of management innovation, capital investment, product excellence,technical innovation, and provide a solid foundation for the rapid development of the company after the restructuring of the machine tool with obvious geographical advantages and rich cultural heritage, the Anqing Machine Tool Co., sends out the development trend of vibrant, entered a rapid development track.

Anqing Machine Tool Co., Ltd. processing equipment, improve the supporting facilities, strong R & D capabilities,the Department of Anqing City, the first batch of high-tech enterprises, high-tech enterprises in Anhui Province,has become the Chinese Machine Tool Association, China Bearing Industry Association member units, Anhui Machine Tool Industry Association vice president of units, is the national steel ball grinding machine, grindingmachine industry standard drafting unit.

Uphold the quality of Anqing Machine Tool Company Limited is the life of the enterprise concept, and then put forward the management is enterprise's life, true to the core, adhere to the "quality is life, credibility is gold".Company to strict management, superb technology, dedicated professional attitude, seriously deal with each link in the production, the highest pursuit of product quality, the first-class product quality, the eternal service commitment.

As the first batch of Anqing high-tech enterprises, high-tech enterprises in Anhui Province, the company hasstrong technical force of scientific research and product development capabilities, to bring together a large number of master modern technology research and development of scientific elite, providing strong technical support for the products of high quality, high starting point, high efficiency. And a sound experimental base andprecision measurement method, it provides a reliable technical guarantee for the performance of the product.

The main products of the company include: processing equipment: high speed rolling bearing steel ball cold heading machine, grinding machine, light, research series, tapered roller sphere base surface magnetic,magnetic series grinder; metallurgical materials testing laboratory sample processing equipment: CNC millingmachine, CNC double end open shoulder milling machine, CNC five axis linkage on the shoulder machine tools;machining equipment of piston ring: single spindle boring machine, double machine, full automatic honing machine.

"Quality is the life of enterprise", from the beginning, it was the Anqing machine tool people deeply remember,fifty years old, passing the torch. "Product is the character" is the essential culture of Anqing machine tool.

The company established a quality management system in 2008, and continue to improve, in 2010 passed the ISO9001-2000 quality management system certification, based on the consolidation of the domestic rollingprocessing leading enterprise status, but also laid the foundation for the development of the international market.

Anqing machine tool limited company through continuous improvement of science and technology innovationmanagement mechanism, increase investment in technical transformation investment and technological innovation, the technological innovation ability is enhanced. In recent years, in addition to get into the national innovation funds, corporate annual investment funds accounted for independent innovation of enterprises operating income 10%. The product structure has been continuously enriched, in many product areas of steel ball processing and testing equipment, roller equipment, ZG32 series of high-speed steel ball cold headingmachine, to fill a number of gaps in the domestic. Companies rely on the Anhui Deli group, HeFei University of Technology, Anhui University Of Science And Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of intelligentmachines Research Institute of technical support, the ability of research and development of products and the level of quality control is greatly improved. The company has 6 invention patents, 6 utility model patents.Through continuous technological innovation, independent development, and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, enterprises rely on technological innovation and economic growth situation has been formed.

In the aspect of tapered roller device: the company based on the original 3MT4310, 3MT4317, 3MT4320,3MT4325 circular cone roller surface of ball grinding machine, in 2011 developed 3MZ4315, 3MZ4320,3MZ4325 of tapered roller spherical end without magnetic grinding machine, to fill the blank of products.

In the sample processing equipment in metallurgical materials: from 2008 to 2011, the company independent research and development of special equipment for metallurgy manufacturing CNC 5 axis shoulder milling machine XKZ3628 passed A inspection, and delivered to the Shanghai Baosteel, good customer response, inAnhui Province in 2012 was awarded the first sets of major equipment award.

In the ZG32 series of high-speed steel ball cold heading machine. In October 18, 2013, the new company"ZG32-8 high-speed steel ball cold heading machine" through the identification of. Products with advanced drive system and control system design, the selection of ball device, pneumatic pump lubrication, new copperalloy sliding bearing, closed double protection cover of innovation, innovative, to guarantee the machinerunning stability and reliability, improves the service life; the rate of ball billet with high precision, productionhigh energy saving and environmental protection, etc. the production efficiency and the material, the leading domestic level, can replace imported; products by users, the main quality indexes of steel ball cold heading ball billet to achieve the same level of machine tool manufacturing foreign products, meet the requirements of users, the market prospect is broad, with good economic and social benefits. The development of ideas, is ZG32-8, ZG32-14, ZG32-5, ZG32-11 formed steel ball billet products cold heading machine, better services for the industry.

In 2012, according to the needs of the development of new products, has invested 15000000 yuan, the purchase of high precision, high degree of automation of the processing equipment and the import of cutting tools and testing equipment, which lays a foundation for the further development of enterprises.

Anqing machine tool company limited coverage of business radiation throughout the country and Germany,Japan, Korea and Southeast Asian countries. And at the same time, with self import and export rights, themetallurgical industry of numerical control testing equipment is Shanghai Baosteel, Shougang, Maanshan Iron and steel and other large enterprises choose to replace the imported products. In October 11, 2013, the company to undertake Taiwan Tiangong steel ball grinding equipment, grinding, one-time delivery, order to achieve sales revenue of $1550000, which is nearly 60 years in Anqing machine tool export sales history ofinnovation, make our due contribution to the rolling equipment export.

Anqing Machine Tool Co., Ltd. has always been adhering to the "technology innovation, service weaving the future, integrity cast brand" business philosophy, to create "become the most attention, manufacturers" rollingindustry's most trusted as the strategic target, through the management innovation, technology innovation,advance with the times, and strive to become the industry leader. To the "Twelve five", Anqing Machine ToolCo., Ltd will be rolling industry equipment manufacturing first-class enterprise, producing first-class products in the world.

Standing at a new historical starting point, facing more opportunities and challenges, Anqing machine toollimited company will continue to forge ahead, unremitting diligently strive after adhering to innovative ideas, the spirit, full of era of vigorous wave, the concept of advancing with the times, the way to realize the dream!

Anqing machine tool will be the strongest voice, sing the bright bloom, sail! "The implementation of industrialdevelopment, the revitalization of the national industry" and leading, self transcendence, create brilliant!